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r j sullivan
Visual Artist
Paintings, Drawings and Lithos, Commentary


Scoop It Project: 

Illuminate Art For Now This is a collection of interesting websites I have come across that have as their focus social justice concerns as it relates to visual art.

Pinterest Project: 

New to Life  a collection of young people's art, some art by disabled children, some having problems, some getting rich. 

issuu Essays: 

New to Life is a short essay about art by people new to life.

Art and Me is a brief autobiographical narritive.

Breaking Into Prison: Overcoming the Barriers to Art Curriculum in Prisons


The Mortar Board of life


The art work above is a doodle I recently made, it's an iteration of one of the many that I have made for years...I mean years. A hand is always holding a mortar board that always has things on it like palm trees or sometimes pyramids. It reminds me of the children's art I have been viewing and reading about. Full of personal meanings and free.

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